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World Mental Health Day – Free audio exercise

Written by Kirsikka Kaipainen (8 Oct 2017)

To mark World Mental Health day 2017 – on the theme of Workplace Wellbeing – we are making one of the most popular audio exercises of our Shift Your Stress programme available as a free download.

Terrier thoughts is a metaphor for the persistent, negative thoughts that are often troubling you when you are stressed. They bite into your mind and take you into their grasp. This exercise helps you deal with these unpleasant thoughts, by noticing them and acknowledging their existence, but leave them be. You can listen to the exercise below.

Click here to download the exercise free of charge and without obligation.

Workplace stress is a big problem, but it can be addressed effectively, as we describe in our #WMH2017 blog post. If you want to find out more of our workplace stress programme, Shift Your Stress, click here for our one pager. If you are interested in offering Shift Your Stress to your employees, please contact us for a chat.