Stressed at work?

Learn to handle stress with a five-week online programme.

Available now in the UK.

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The solution

Shift Your Stress gives you tools that help you relieve your stress and cope better with your workload.

Based on years of research on web-based psychological interventions and personal experience of stress and fatigue.

Builds on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

How does it work?

Learn to focus on the essential, calm down and worry less.

Five sessions – complete one per week, practise the exercises in your daily life.

Identify your negative thoughts and feelings and lessen their stressful impact.

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Does it help?

In several ways. Here's what people have described the benefits:

"I'm now able to calm down, concentrate and be present in different situations."

"My confidence has increased. Now I have courage to go where I want to go."

"I am sharing my feelings more openly with others – it brings us closer to each other."