Hold Your Nerve – ACT on Anxiety

Learn to manage anxiety with a seven-week ACT programme.

Anxiety makes you feel nervous, worried, and insecure, especially when facing other people. Our programme teaches effective strategies for containing and dealing with such negative thoughts and feelings in a measured and assured way. It is based on robust research supported methods as well as on our personal experience of living with anxiety. We have consistently received strong positive feedback from people who have used the programme.

Value Your Self – ACT on Low Mood

Find a positive direction for your life.

Low mood makes you see everything through a negative lens: you are dissatisfied with your life, you cannot get excited about your work and hobbies, and feel just generally bad, day-in and day-out. Our ACT based programme teaches you effective techniques for finding and enjoying the positive things in your life, and practical ways to discover a new direction and purpose. The course is based on many years of research which shows that web-based psychological interventions can be as effective as traditional psychotherapy in relieving symptoms of depression.

Shift Your Stress – ACT on Work Well-being

Find new ways to perceive, acknowledge and cope with stress.

It’s natural to feel pressure when you deal with issues that you really care about. However, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, unable to deal with your workload, or find time for important things in your life. Our ACT based programme takes a new alternative approach to stress management: based on robust research supported methods, it gives you new ways to handle stressful thoughts and situations.

Ease Your Woes – ACT on Long-Term Conditions

Learn the skills to live a fulfilling life with a chronic condition.

A chronic, long term condition can become so dominant in your life that all the things that really matter to you are overshadowed. When symptoms appear, disappear and reappear without notice, it can be hard to pay attention to what you value in life. Our ACT based programme helps you rediscover what is truly important to you, and focus on those things day in day out, rather than on the limitations your condition puts upon you.