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Mental spring clean

Written by Kirsikka Kaipainen (11 Apr 2016)

Check your calendar, unclutter your thoughts and freshen up your mind for spring!

Is your life dull or mirthless? Do you long for a change or cheering up? Now is a good time to start mental spring clean!

In our series of blog posts, Katariina goes through five small steps that can lead to a more meaningful life. Kirsikka tells about her own experiences in taking these steps.

Step 1: Make space for good things

First we take a peek into the calendar. Is there space for pleasant and meaningful activities?

Step 2: Get off your buts

Then we ensure that we won't get stuck to mental obstacles.

Step 3: Lost in the details

How many tasks can we really put our minds into? We're learning to prioritize and to see the forest from the trees.

Step 4: Check your valuables

We ponder what is really important. What would you bring to safety from the attic of your life?

Step 5: Walking the walk

Finally, we show some self-compassion and decide to do something pleasant today.