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How sensitive are you?

Written by Toni Vanhala (2 Oct 2014)

A highly sensitive person is often very precise, intuitive, and intelligent.

On the other hand, busy and noisy environments may sometimes feel overwhelming to those who are highly sensitive.

About one in five people are extremely or highly sensitive. Two in five people are at least moderately sensitive. High sensitivity may seem as shyness or extreme intensity to others. However, high sensitivity may appear in many ways. It can be a strength that leads to a richer and more vibrant life.

Dr. Elaine Aron coined the term "highly sensitive person". Her book The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You and her website are the best sources to start looking into the topic. You can also test how sensitive you are at http://hsperson.com/pages/test.htm.

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