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Healing emotional wounds

Written by Kirsikka Kaipainen (5 Feb 2015)

When your emotions are wounded, treat them properly.

If you accidentally get a small cut in your hand, would you look for a knife and make the cut deeper? Certainly not. Why would you make emotional cuts deeper, then?

Psychologist Guy Winch tells in this video based on his own experiences, how important it is to take care of one's emotional health. Emotions are easily hurt by failure, rejection and guilt. The worst thing you can do for a wounded self-esteem is to dwell on what happened, ruminate and blame yourself. Instead, you should bandage and revive it.

I picked up from Winch's talk a trick that I use a lot myself: I think what I'd say to a good friend who's in the same situation. This has helped me to handle feelings of anxiety, failure and rejection, to put things into a proper perspective and treat myself more kindly and gently. Winch calls such methods emotional hygiene, which makes sense - emotional health should be taken care of as diligently as dental and personal hygiene.

A piece of trivia: hygiene comes from the name of a Greek goddess Hygieia. She was the goddess of health and cleanliness, and her responsibilities also included prevention of diseases and maintenance of good health.