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ACT in the Caribbean

Written by Kirsikka Kaipainen (22 Sep 2015)

Living on a tropical island? In Finland people tend to think life would always be happy there, but the truth is, everyone struggles sometimes.

During the past few months, we have been hard at work preparing for the launch of our Value Your Self and Hold Your Nerve programmes at St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The official launch was one month ago and we are seeing a steady flow of new users who wish to improve their psychological well-being.

Anyone who experiences anxiety or low mood and is interested in accessing either programme can ask for access from a family nurse, GP, psychologist, social worker, counsellor or other designated referrers. It goes without saying that our online programmes won't replace any of the existing services, but instead offer an additional form of self-help that is accessible 24/7.

The launch is an integral part of the Psychological Wellness Initiative, which is provided in partnership with SVG’s Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment and Trinity School of Medicine. Check out the news on SVG's Ministry of Health pages: