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Hold Your Nerve

Hold Your Nerve is a training programme for overcoming anxiety, especially in social situations.

Based on years of research on web-based psychological interventions and personal experience of social anxiety. Only here you are always welcome, together with book of ra you have no equal!

“I got new insights and learnt new exercises that I can use in everyday life.”

“Instead of avoiding situations causing anxiety, I am now more willing to face them.”

Value Your Self

Value Your Self helps you lift your mood and find a positive direction in your life.

Identify what you really value in life. Practise exercises that reduce the power of negative thoughts and distressing emotions. Learn to look at yourself from a different perspective.

“I enjoy life again and worry less about the future and the past.”

“Now I’m really living a full life!”

Shift Your Stress

Shift Your Stress gives you tools that help you relieve your stress and cope better with your workload.

Learn to focus on the essential, lift your spirits and relax. Practise easy mindfulness exercises, work on your priorities and reduce the power of stressful thoughts.

“I’m now able to calm down, concentrate and be present in different situations.”

Ease Your Woes

Ease Your Woes is designed to help you lead a fulfilling life when you have to cope with a long-term, chronic condition.

Rediscover what really, truly matters to you and, through small steps towards larger goals, recreate your life around these things.

Practical exercises will help you handle the negative thoughts that may overwhelm you, and focus on what is important.